Preventing Viruses Infrared Human Body Temperature Detect Gate Available In Turkmenistan

Place of Origin:ChinaFunction:Measure ear forehead, object, room temperature
Size:L500 * W780 * H2150mm (generic) or customizedTemparature:-25 ℃-55℃
Humidity:95%Average error:±0.5℃
Operation speed:40-60 people /minutePower supply:AC180-250V,50-60 HZ
Weight:60KGDetection range:<50cm
Warranty:2 yearsPower:<13W
Thermometer installation method:insert modeTemperature measurement method:Non Contact
sensor type:high precising infrared sensortemperature measurement range:-70-382.2 degrees
measuring time:less than 1 secondtemperature measurement error range:less than 0.1 second
display method:LED screen displayalarm output:Alarm threshold can be set
satistics function:can record the number of measure and abnormal numberwork temperature:-25degree+55degree
Lead Time :
Quantity(Pieces) 1-1 2-5 >10
Est. Time(days) 5-10 7-12 To be negotiated

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